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        Our Mission

        "Build community and solidarity in-real-life, online and around the world.”

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        2022 Update

        We pivoted… upwards!

        Pre-2020 we built communities in 30+ cities around the world. 2020 ‘happened’, and we gave ourselves an additional mission; “to organise the world’s communities.”

        Our battle cry - “Take community economy back”

        Our communities are suffocating as local shops, small traders, are pushed out of business, unable to compete with large corps and big tech. Help your city counterbalance this by reinforcing local community+businesses. Say no to regional poverty, slow the flight of local wealth to overseas tax havens by consuming local goods and services, and acting on local ideas and collaboration – we’re building a space with the tools to do that right here.

        Mundo Lingo Promise

        Integrity - We do not sell your data, nor sell you as advertising space.

        Dignity - Personal space respected, on and offline.

        Community - We don’t interfere, build your community freely.

        Mundo Lingo IRL Format

        Native language at the top, the rest below

        Stand to mingle, Sit to quit

        Mundo Lingo IRL Spaces

        None-interfering music

        Beautiful Venues

        Personal space is respected.